Aluminium Ingot

Aluminium Ingot

Primary Aluminium

  • Re-melt products
  1. Standard Ingots 
  2. Standard Profile Sow Ingots
  3. Low Profile Sow Ingots
  4. High Profile Sow Ingots
  5. T-Ingot

Utilised in electronic and aerospace applications, where top quality high purity aluminium is critical to the successful manufacture of precision instruments, and used in the manufacture of compact discs, computer hard drive memory disks, capacitors and other electronic components. They are also used in the manufacture of high reflectance, high performance alloys and cathodic protection.

  • Sheet Ingots

The major proportion of sheet ingots is supplied to most rolling mills and the balance to other global consumers. Predominant usage is in the packaging industry (including foil rolled down to 0.2 mm thick) and for lithographic plates used in printing. also suitable for the growing market in automotive applications where the low density of aluminium makes vehicles considerably more fuel-efficient and better for the environment.

  • Billets

These products are utilised for construction (windows and door frames), transportation, engineering, consumer durables, automotive, forging, as well as many other applications.

Products Features

  • Metal Scrap

  • Steel Billet & Slab

  • Pellet & Sponge Iron

  • Aluminium Ingot