Techno- Economic Feasibility reports and other documentations

SPIMMCO Prepares techno-economic feasibility reports to  submit to banks and financial institutions.
With deep insight in to expectations of banks and financial institutions, spimmco is in best position to assist clients in securing financing facilities and preparing documentations including but not limited to mandates, Project profiles, information memorandums, techno-economic feasibility reports business plans, corporate and project assessment reports and other documentations with world class quality and standard as required by banks and financial institutions.

Our consultants provide an independent technical review of your project financial model. We make sure your business plan is achievable and costs and revenues are adequately forecast to meet your project’s debt service capacity.

Our review of your financial model includes:

  • Review of your business plan and capital as well as operational expenditures
  • Technical validation of your financial model and examination of various development scenarios
  • Review of estimated costs, revenues, budgets and disbursement schedule
  • Identification and mitigation of possible cost overruns
  • Assessment of your capacity and factors such as dispatch, volume, unit price, main cost items, fixed assets maintenance and working capital needs
  • Analysis of any key technical uncertainties