SPIMMCO with the aim to avoid buyers risk on purchasing goods and improve the products quality perform professional Quality Control as Factory Audit, Inspections Service and Sample Testing.Based on your needs and demands, we evaluate a tailor made solutions and service plans to fulfill your standard. For each single Quality Control Service, we develop a specific work instruction, adequate to the product and to your demands. A key component of our quality control inspections is the assessment of inspection staff, to ensure that they deliver a service that consistently meets both the client’s and legislative requirements.

Our Inspection Services:

  • Incoming Quality Inspection

The Incoming Quality Inspection allows us to make sure that the material and components used for the mass production have been checked carefully and according to international standards.

  • During Production Inspection (DuPro)

With this inspection, many problems can be found and easily solved. It will be a similar process than the Pre-Shipment Inspection, but during the regular mass production of the goods. We will monitor the production process and test randomly picked samples for a full function and visual check, so that the production process can be improved.

  • Container Loading Inspection

The purpose of this Inspection is to ensure that your goods are loaded properly and that containers are clean and in good condition. Containers with broken welding seams, gaps especially on the roof are considered high risk for water damages.Damaged containers are excluded from any transport insurance.We count the correct quantity of the freight to the container and the correct products, packing, boxes and marking.

  • Setting up production Lines

We help to set up the production lines, to improve the output and to create a better quality by finding bottlenecks and inefficient processes as well as adjusting the overall work flow to optimized production.